Unorganized email use is a time waster

I’ve spoken before about how constant email notification interruptions can waste up to eight hours a week, simply due to the time it requires to recover from such distractions. I’ve also spoken about the fact that most businesses simply assume their employees know how to use email correctly, when in fact they don’t. Here’s an article that provides further ammunition about how much time inefficient use of email costs.


An article in the UK Telegraph says:


The survey, of 4,000 people from 150 UK businesses, will show that the average worker wastes one hour every day through inefficient use of email.


… said that workers had not been given appropriate training for proper use of emails.


…but seldom if ever given any formal training on or provided any corporate guidelines for, it’s no wonder that email is a significant sources of stress, miscommunication and inefficiency for companies and individuals.

Now don’t forget that one hour a week wasted is ON TOP OF any time also lost due to interruptions!


It is really amazing when you stop and think about the fact that there probably is not a knowledge worker anywhere that doesn’t use email and yet their company has never bothered to train them in how to use it correctly. Therefore, for every employee a business has, they are wasting at least a 10-15% of their potential. In this day and age what business can afford to throw away 10-15% of their output per employee?


I have created a free downloadable document that details many of the common frustration of email that any business or individual should look at overcoming. As a lead on from this, I have also created the following documents: Overcoming email frustrations in Outlook 2007 and Overcoming email frustrations in Outlook 2003 which are available in print and downloadable format. Normally, these books sell for about $35 but until January 31, 2009 I have a special deal going which you can find out about here. To take advantage of this offer please contact me directly via


Also, don’t forget we also conduct email productivity seminars in your office to help everyone become more effective with email and save you at least an hour a day that you can spend on getting your work done.

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