Intro to Search Server Express 2008 video

I have just completed a new video about what I believe if one of the most “unknown” technologies from Microsoft – Search Server Express 2008. It provides such a great capability and is a FREE download from Microsoft but no-one seems to know about it. I really can’t fathom this.

The video will take you through the basic installation and setup procedure that should allow you to get Search Server Express 2008 running in your business. This is also another example of a technology that you can virtualize quickly and easily.


Search Server Express 2008 will allow to to search any SharePoint site, network file share, Exchange Public folder and web site in your organization. It is based on the same technology used for SharePoint so it looks like a SharePoint site. So if you have network shares that are chock full of all sorts of files in which no one can find what they are looking for, rather than going through the whole share file by file simply drop in Search Server Express 2008 and index the suckers. Once indexed you’ll be able to search the contents of most of them (Office, HTML, Text, Acrobat, etc) so to find all the business information you need now all you need to do is like what you do on the Internet – run a search.


Search Server Express 2008 is featured in my Windows Sharepoint Operations Guide ( which has a whole section dedicated to installing and configuring the product.


Sure Search Server Express 2008 isn’t prefect. I’d like to be able to integrate directly into SharePoint search, I’d like to be able to have external results displayed from Google rather than but these are small gripes compared to the functionality your receive. I have configured Search Server Express 2008 to run previously and it was invaluable assistance when attempting to location information inside a document I ‘knew I had created’.


If your or your customers business is struggling to find digital information in a maze of network shares and public folders why not drop in Search Server Express 2008? For the price there isn’t much out there that can beat it.

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