In plain English

Everyone knows the cliche “A picture is worth a thousand word” right? So maybe moving pictures are worth a hundred times this? In so many cases today I find that it is much easier if someone shows me what they are talking about rather than either me reading about it or trying to work it out myself. This was my idea behind my YouTube on line videos.


Clearly I am not the only person who has been thinking along these lines. One of the best examples are videos created by The Common Craft Show which can also be found on YouTube. They videos are an excellent example of how to get a concept across in a very short space of time. I love the way they use drawings and cut outs to convey the ideas, it really must take them a while to do this but the end result is great!


So if you are looking to understand things like Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Social networking and the like have a look at the Common Craft Show videos.

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