The difference between IT and real people?

One simple word “No”. Seems that every time you talk to someone in IT they are always saying “no” or being negative. What do I mean? I was talking to a friend who is a developer and I mentioned that Picasa is not only free and a great way to organize your images BUT also provides online storage. Why the hell would you store those bulky pictures on your own equipment when you can get someone else to do it? I asked.


The immediate reaction to my suggestion was “What about this …” and “What about that…”. Come on man, enough with the negative waves dude! But afterwards it got me to thinking about how negative IT people can be. They always seem to be raising issues, always saying that something like that isn’t secure and telling you how much trouble it is. Most users can’t understand why something simple can’t easily be added to a program. Truth be told that in the IT business the simple things are usually the hardest to implement. So any idea a user may suggest will be seen by an IT person as simply more work. It may seem simple to the real person but only an IT person truly understands what’s involved.


This leads me to believe that these days “real” people are simply bypassing IT people and forging ahead with what they want to do regardless of the consequences. They would say,”I want to listen to music so I’ll download and install iTunes” or “I want to communicate with others, so I’ll access facebook” and so on. Because the Internet not only allows you to access information quickly but also to find it quickly, those people who think they understand the technology are quickly being bypassed by people “who just can’t wait”.


Will real people and IT people ever see eye to eye? I doubt it. Why? Simple, the Internet is creating a level playing field where people with very little knowledge can do stuff that used to take heap of knowledge. If you are an IT person who reckons you know a lot, consider how many places there are on the Internet that give more detail about anything you care to name. Now consider how fast this amount of information is growing. So no longer do I need the knowledge, I simply need to know how to find it. Yes?

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