Windows Sharepoint Services Operations Guide – Free download

I have uploaded the first chapter of my Windows Sharepoint Services Operations Guide and made it available for free download. This chapter will give you a better idea of exactly what the Guide contains. To download Chapter 1, simply click here.


As the plan for the Guide is to be a work in progress Chapter 1 is now Version 1.00. As additional information is added I will upload updated versions of the chapter. I have decided to release what I have completed so far on the Guide for the simple reason I want to gauge the demand for this out in the market. Hopefully there will be enough demand for me to warrant giving the unfinished parts of the guide more priority.


I believe that most people will find the guide to save them a lot of time if they are planning on configuring Sharepoint. There are plenty of tricks and traps that I have discovered over the years from my own experience and from the Internet. A good example is what I have been working on lately. I have been testing the migration from Sharepoint v2 on SBS 2003 (i.e. http://companyweb) into Sharepoint v3 installed on the same SBS machine. The migration to SBS Premium with SQL isn’t too hard but on SBS Standard with Windows Internal Database, well that is another story. It has taken me many, many hours to develop and document a procedure that works and is relatively quick and easy. That is where I think the real value of the Guide lies.


So, even if you have no interest in the Guide download Chapter 1 and have a look and let me know if there anything else you feel that I should be covering. My aim is to make it the best possible source for Sharepoint (especially on Small Business Server) and appreciate any feedback ( you can give me.

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