Probably one of the most powerful tools that you can develop to help you anywhere is confidence. We all know those people who are able to remain confident even when things aren’t going their way. As the proverb says, “As you think, so it will be”. Confidence goes beyond just thinking positively in my book it is about really believing, rather than merely thinking.

It is still strange how such a simple thing like confidence can be so hard to achieve. So many aspects of our lives today abound in their ability to destroy our confidence. Typically, we take these things on board ourselves and use them against others ( albeit unknowingly most of the time ) in an effort to break their confidence. “Why should they be confident if I can’t?” would be the catch cry. Basically, you’re saying that it is too hard for your to change yourself but much easier to throw stones at someone else.

Confidence, like most things worth attaining, is not something that can’t be gained over night. It needs to be worked on, nurtured and as I have said previously – you have to keep training. Changing a human being’s mindset is probably one of the hardest challenges we face. Why? Look at the state of our World. It is still filled with violence, wars and injustice to name but a few examples. We all have the power to change these yet in many cases we let them continue. We lack the confidence to stand up and let other know that something should be done to help others, unselfishly. Why? Because we are too afraid of what others might say. Confidence is being able to stand by your principles and yet be ready to admit, when the time comes ( and it will ), that you were wrong. It takes confidence to gracefully acknowledge that youhave learned something and that rather than weakening you it has actually made your stronger.

We hear it so many times but largely ignore the statement “life is too short” until it is almost too late to do anything about it. A great statement I heard recently was – “imagine what you could achieve if you weren’t afraid”. The ability to overcome the fear that constrains our lives is confidence but like any muscle (physical or psychological) in the body we need to exercise it.

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