What it takes to be great

Have just finished reading a very interesting article in Fortune Magazine titled “What it takes to be great”. It basically says that being great has nothing to do with natural talent, it has to do with a steely determine to improve and continue to improve. Interestingly, the article says that most people don’t achieve greatness for at least 10 years! This means at least 10 years of hard work but not simply going out and practicing but by setting distinct goals and measuring the improve at every opportunity.

The reality of being “great” come down to one simple thing – practice. The more you practice the more you improve. The reason that there are so few people who area “great” come down to the fact that most people give up way too early. It is that special individual that sets and goal and keeps working towards it no matter what. It is interesting to find that people who are considered great come all different fields and walks of life but when it comes down to it they all say the same thing – there is no substitute for hard work.

A wise man once told me “there is no end to training” and likewise the answer to every question is “train more”. Try it and see what I mean.

Question – “I’m overweight, how can I lose weigh?” Answer – “Train more”
Question – “How can I get a better job?” Answer – “Train more”
Question – “My partner left me, what can I d?” Answer – “Train more”

You’d be surprised at how such a simple answer can prove to be the solution for every question. The problem is putting it into action.

But now you know the answer! Being great isn’t about have a special gift it is about continuing to work damm hard from this point on to achieve what you want. There is nothing stopping you but yourself. But as the Fortune article shows, although the answer is simple not many chose to take it up. What will you decide to do?

Like I have said before, it is as simple as compund interest, small amounts invested over long periods od time yield major returns. Nothing could be simplier right? So why is it no-one does it?

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