Improvements in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a handy way to collect all sorts of information. There have been some handy recent improvements.


Per roadmap item 79448 – now you can bold, italic, underline, etc headings as shown above.


Also now when you share a form you’ll see a Shorten URL option as shown above.


Don’t overlook the ability to also grab a QR code, in the same location, as shown above.

As mentioned in Roadmap item 79448:

Microsoft Teams: Forms Polls in Teams Meetings Improvements

A set of top asks will be addressed with this general release. Polls in Teams Meetings now support guests and an optimized mobile experience.

I’ve highlighted what I’m excited to see, polls in Teams now supporting guest users!

Microsoft Forms is great way to collect all sorts of information, from inside and outside your business. It also makes a great front end on a Power Automate sequence to save you further time and money. Here’s a great place to start learning more:

Introduction to Microsoft Forms

CIAOPS Need to Know Microsoft 365 Webinar–January


We are back for a new decade! Yes, it is 2020 and Microsoft 365 webinars continue. This month I’m going to take a look of the some less common services of Microsoft 365 including Forms, To-Do, Whiteboard, Kaizala and more. I’ll have the  the latest Microsoft Cloud updates plus open Q and A as well. Start your year and decade off with a BANG!

You can register for the regular monthly webinar here:

January Webinar Registrations

The details are:

CIAOPS Need to Know Webinar – January 2020
Thursday 30th of January 2020
10.30am – 11.30am Sydney Time

All sessions are recorded and posted to the CIAOPS Academy.

The CIAOPS Need to Know Webinars are free to attend but if you want to receive the recording of the session you need to sign up as a CIAOPS patron which you can do here:

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I’d also appreciate you sharing information about this webinar with anyone you feel may benefit from the session and I look forward to seeing you there.