ANZAC Day 2023

April 25 is when Australia and New Zealand pause to remember those who sacrificed, now and in the past. It is the anniversary of the very first time that we fought as nations and fought together.

In military terms the whole campaign that gave birth to this day was ill fated and failed to meet its objectives making it a historical failure, but from it was born a sense of nationhood that is probably more what we celebrate today.

How the world has changed from all those years ago in 1915. How the world will continue to change in the years ahead. But let’s hope that the coming together and respect we see here is something that continues beyond just today and into the future. We lives in times that are perhaps more focused on the ‘me’ than the ‘we’ and ANZAC day is a reminder that one of our purposes in life is to serve others.

So today, take a moment to say thanks on those who have served you not just in the armed forces but anywhere. Pay them service by offering to serve others without desire for compensation. These are the things that make a society great. Let what we see today extend beyond the ceremonies and festivities into something that is evident everyday. ANZAC day demonstrates that the spirit is present but we need to manifest on more than just one day a year. Do it for them, if no one else. Commit as many did all those years ago.

Lest We Forget

If you want to learn more about the ANZAC battlefields in northern France, visit my web site –

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