Power Automate ODATA filter failure when field named ‘Date’


So, I was doing some testing with a new Flow in Power Automate. What I wanted it to do was, at a recurring time each day, look for today’s date in a list of SharePoint items and then display other values from any matching record in a Team’s chat. To prototype this out I created a very simple list with two columns, as shown above, Title and Date. Remember, the Title field is generally created for you by default when you create a basic SharePoint List.


In Power Automate I used a SharePoint Get Items action as shown above to get the information I wanted. To filter down to the data I used on ODATA query like:

Date eq ‘2021-12-31’

to test. Problem was, as shown above, I was getting no results that were feeding through to the next Apply to each action that followed directly after.

There were no errors indicated in my Flow. I tried a number of different format options and so on, trying to work out what the issue was.


The issue turned out to be the name of the field – Date – I had created in my SharePoint List! Once I created a new column called Dateoption with the same format, and entered the same data into it and removed the offending Date column, it successfully filtered data as expected and passed the result to the following Apply to each action as you can see above.

The moral of the story is that you should probably avoid naming your fields with any ‘reserved’ programming commands like ‘Date’ as I did. Make it something unique like ‘Datefield’ or whatever. Just don’t use a common term like ‘Date’ as I did or you might struggle to troubleshoot as I did here.

Hopefully, this will save you wasting the amount of time I did to solve this that you can better spend on creating your Flow!

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