New Safe Links option

An eagled eye CIAOPS Patron spotted this new option in Office 365 ATP Safe Links:


Wait for URL scanning to complete before delivering the message


You get to this via the Security and Compliance Centre, Threat Management, Policy, Safe Links. You then select the lower policy option as shown above.

I had a look at the PowerShell for this policy:


Indeed, there is now an option:


as shown above.

Interestingly, there is no mention of this option yet in the:


documentation. So I thought I’d try adding it to the existing policy anyway.


No error, which is a good sign.


Checking back in the GUI, you can now see that option is set.

So, there is now a nice new shiny option that you can set Office 365 ATP Safe Links to prevent a message being delivered to an end user until the links have been fully checked. This now matches the policy option for safe attachments. You can also set this option via PowerShell.

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