Easily connect using the Linkedin mobile app

One of things that I’m spending a lot of time here at the MVP Summit in Seattle doing is networking with other MVPs. One of the best tools to connect is via Linkedin. Here’s a really simple way to make that happen that I learned about today (and can share) using the Linkedin mobile app.


Fire up the Linkedin App on your mobile device. Here I’ll use iOS. To the right of the search bar you’ll notice four squares arranged together as shown above. Select this.


This should take you to a screen like shown above. Across the top you now have two options, Scan and My code. Scan allows you to use the camera on your device to scan someone else’s Linkedin QR code. My Code display your QR code that you can share with others.

Once you have scanned in the QR code using this method, that person’s Linkedin details will appear on your mobile device and you can connect. Easy eh?

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