Teams resource information from SharePoint site


Hopefully you know that when you create a Microsoft Team you get a range of resources automatically provisioned, including a SharePoint Site, group mailbox and calendar, Planner and more.

If you mouse over the icon for the Microsoft Team in the SharePoint that was created as part of that Team you’ll see a nice summary of the Team’s resources as shown. Clicking on this small icon will take you direct to the Team, the Team inbox, calendar, notebook, SharePoint site, Planner, etc.


If you leave your mouse there for a little longer a more extensive card will appear, as shown above. You will notice the option to Follow in inbox at the the top.


If you scroll right to the bottom of this card you’ll find a Show more option which, when selected, will display even more information about the Team as shown above.

So to get some handy short cuts to all your Microsoft Teams resources, just roll your mouse over the icon.

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