Determining Office Add ins

After posting how to protect your Office tenant from malicious add-ins recently:

Thwarting the Office 365 Ransomware cloud

I was asked whether you could determine what add-ins users had already authorised? Thanks to PowerShell the answer is always “Yes”.

You need to ensure that you are connected to Exchange Online first and then you can run:

$mailboxes = get-mailbox –resultsize unlimited

foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) {
     write-host “Mailbox =”,$mailbox.primarysmtpaddress
     get-app -mailbox $mailbox.primarysmtpaddress | Select-Object displayname,enabled,appversion | Format-Table

This will basically spit out something that looks like:


So you can easily see what is already configured for each mailbox.

I have uploaded the file to my GitHub repository here:

if you want it.

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