Checking SharePoint External Users PowerShell Script


Another things that you should keep your eye on in your Office 365 environment are the external users who have been give access to any of your SharePoint sites. You’ll probably find that many of these should no longer have access, so I’ve done a simple script which you can get here:

that will basically loop through all your SharePoint sites (including OneDrive and those created by Teams and Groups) and list out all the external users on the screen.

As you can see from the above screen shot, it will tell you the external users name, email, when they were invited and by whom. Importantly, it also shows you which email actually accepted the invitation as this may vary in some cases (another point of investigation potentially).

I’ll continue to work on this script and the others I have in my GitHub repository. So please send me your feedback and suggestions on how to improve what I have developed as well as any ideas for scripts you’d like to see.

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