PowerShell script to check email forwards

A while ago I wrote an article about how important it is to check the email forwards that all your mailboxes have in Office 365. Why? Because, the first things most bad actors set up after successfully phishing a user’s credentials is to forward all email to their own account. This effectively mirrors everything a users receives. Doing so allows the bad actors to gather intelligence about the user and the organisation and potentially impersonate that user.

If you look at the configured email forwards for your tenant, as I detailed here:

Check those Office 365 email forwards

are much more likely to detect something that could be an issue and take action.

As the article details, the easiest way to do this is to use a PowerShell command. However, an even easier way to use the script that I have just made available for free in my GitHib repo here:


You’ll need to connect to Exchange Online prior to running this script.


The script will report back on all mailboxes and show you any forwards configured. It will show those in place but disabled (in yellow) and those in place and enabled (in red). The enabled ones are the ones you really should check to ensure that they are required and not implemented by some bad actors.

I’ve also uploaded many more scripts to my GitHub repo to allow you to connect to Office 365 services directly or using multi factor authentication. I’ll keep adding scripts and updating existing ones regularly, so ensure you check back there regularly.

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