Pssst…want some free GBs in your OneDrive for Business?

One of the common beliefs with Office 365 is that OneDrive for Business storage for most plans (typically Business plans) is limited to 1TB per user. Well, I’m here to tell you that the limit for most tenants is in fact 5TB per user. Don’t believe me? Well, read on and be AMAZED!


You can see from the above that the user has the standard 1TB storage for the OneDrive for Business.


The ‘normal’ way that you set the amount of storage each user gets for their OneDrive for Business is via the Storage option in the OneDrive Admin console as you can see above.

Now, if you visit the link just below that setting you will see the following:


Here’s the full link:

Thus, if you have more than 5 users (and perhaps less) you can get 5TB per user OneDrive for Business.


These days, I prefer to do most of my administration using PowerShell. The above script will set the new limit for all users provisioned with OneDrive for Business from this point on to have 5TB of space in their OneDrive for Business.


To increase any existing users OneDrive for Business up to the 5TB limit you’ll need to run the above script for each user. You’ll need to replace the URL with each users individual OneDrive for Business URL.


After doing this, if you now look at the users OneDrive for Business storage quota, you’ll see it is now 5TB!

Magic eh? And you thought I couldn’t give you free GB’s out of thin air! Shame on you.

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