Improved security is a shared responsibility


The Internet has ensured that everyone who is connected is connected together. Everyone being connected together has some massive advantages but it also makes us vulnerable to those who wish to exploit this fact. The reason we all get so much spam is because it is so easy and so cheap to send. However, after all these years, why is the dominate email traffic source always spam? It’s because it morphs and evolves to avoid detection. The same applies for other threats such as phishing.

Technology provides some great tools to deal with spam and phishing but they can’t remove 100% of the threats that are out there. Many also rely on people reporting attacks and suspect item in their inbox to security vendors so they can analyse the results and improve their own detection.

The problem with reporting incidents you come across in your own inbox has been a challenge. Who or where do you send your reports to? Now Microsoft has a free add in for Outlook that allows you to quickly and easily report spam and phishing directly to them.

To do this visit:

and install the Report Message add in for Outlook to your environment.


Then when a suspect email is detected you can easily report it via a few clicks.

For more information about installing and configuring the Report Message add-in across your Office 365 environment see:

Enable the Report Message add-in

Don’t just sit there and ignore spam and phishing attacks. Report them and potentially help save someone else from becoming a victim! When you connect to the Internet you become part of a global community. Help the community fight back again those seeking to take advantage of others. The more we all report attacks the less there will be.

Join me in the fight to take back the Internet!

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