Free legacy SharePoint Documentation and training


About 3 years ago I opened sourced all my SharePoint on premises documentation that used to be part of my Windows SharePoint Operations (WSSOPS) Guide as I details here:

and is made available under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike-4.0 Internation license. In essence means it free to distribute but can’t be resold.

Initially it lived on my web site, then I moved to Unfortunately, has now been fully retired so I need to find a new home for this.

I have decided to move everything to the CIAOPS Academy and you can find it here:

All the information remains free to access and download but thanks to the platform I now use I can start adding additional training material, like my YouTube videos, into the curriculum hopefully adding some more value.

Please remember, that all the information here is provided ‘as is’ and is no longer maintained. It remains free to download and re-distribute, so if you want to put it somewhere else on the Internet, be my guest. However, remember it can’t be changed if you do and I’d also appreciate a heads up on where you have placed it just so I can monitor any comments or feedback.

I’ll keep adding to what’s up there but it isn’t a priority so please use it of you need to and let other know who still may require this information.

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