My Gear 2018

I haven’t changed lot of equipment in 12 months and you can read the full list here:

but there have been some additions:

Pixel XL Phone – An update to the Nexus 5 Android Phone that I had. I still have the Nexus 5 and use it for demos and testing while the new Pixel XL I use as my second phone. Yes, I am still using the Lumina 950 XL Windows phone as my primary phone.

The Pixel XL is a great phone, probably a little big for my liking but the small the form factor the smaller the screen. One of the major benefits of this phone is that it works with Android Auto directly in my daily drive. That means I can get Maps, Waze, Music and podcasts directly through the speakers in my car.

I have all the Microsoft apps installed on this device and connected to Office 365 and the work well. I especially like OneNote, which syncs all my information and keeps everything up to date. I’ve got an upcoming post on my apps coming soon, so to see what software I actually use on the phone stay tune.

iPod Touch – The reason I got this device is to be able to do testing and demos. I do already have an older iPad 2 but that is getting pretty slow and battered now. The iPod touch is small and easy to carry anywhere and allows screen sharing when directly connected. Best part? It was far cheaper than having to buy an actual iPhone.

XBox S – I only recent added this to my collection of XBox devices so I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it yet. I know it has the latest and greatest when it comes to the XBox world so I am looking forward to deep diving into what this device can do. The main reason I actually use my Xbox devices is to watch videos from Microsoft either on YouTube or Channel 9. Of course, I don’t mind playing a few games like Call of Duty or Forza but by far the majority of use the Xbox’s get is streaming technical content.

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