Special CIAOPS Academy Bitcoin discount

So it is coming up to the end of the year and I started to think about some special deals to get you all in the holiday spirit.

I am offering a 50% discount (save US$300) on the first year’s subscription to my CIAOPS Academy Complete Course Catalogue:


(that’s every course I have now and will have into the future), including free CIAOPS Gold Enterprise Patron Access (valued at US$250 per month) for an initial payment of only US$299. After this initial period the normal subscription rate applies.

This offer is ONLY available if you make payment of US$299 via Bitcoin for the initial period. My Bitcoin address is on the side of this blog or here:



once you have made payment, please contact me directly (director@ciaops.com) with verification of payment to receive your discount code for the first annual subscription (you’ll still to register with a traditional credit card until the payment people start accepting Bitcoin).

This offer expires on the 1st of January 2018 so hurry to take advantage of it.

In summary, if you pay me US$299 via Bitcoin then you’ll receive a full subscription to my complete online training course catalogue for 12 months. After that the subscription will revert to its normal levels. You’ll also get free access to the CIAOPS Patron Gold Enterprise plan as well for free going forward. This offer is good until the 1st of January 2018.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this never to be repeated offer!

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