Viewing all files with OneDrive on Demand


So you have installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators update with the new OneDrive on Demand feature. However, when you look at the files in your OneDrive you only see the one’s you were previously selectively syncing to your desktop. You don’t however see the full contents of the location you are syncing.

This is exactly the situation above, as you can see. I was previously doing a selective sync of only two folders from my OneDrive for Business to the desktop and this configuration has remained even though I have upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall Creators update. Here’s how you configure the your OneDrive sync client to see all your file no matter where they are.


Right mouse click on the OneDrive sync client in your taskbar (lower right corner near the clock). From the menu that appears select Settings.


Ensure you have the Account tab selected and then select option Choose folders for the location you are syncing from.


You see a list of all the files in your OneDrive for Business in the cloud as well as the location you are currently syncing, which have a check mark next to them.

Select the option at the top of the page, Make all files available.


You should now see a check mark next to every item as shown above.

Press the OK button to continue.


If you look at you synced location in your Windows Explorer you should now see every file listed as shown above. You should also see the ones that you added remain online (i.e. have a cloud icon next to them) and the information you previously select remains synced (i.e. the green check mark icon next to them). Thus, nothing additional will be synced to your desktop until you elect to do so. This now allows you to easily browse all the files in the synced source location.

Now you can easily and dynamically determine exactly which files you wish to have synced to your desktop will viewing all your files form that location.


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