Look Ma, SBS running on Azure


One of the challenges I set myself when I first started using Azure was to get Windows Small Business Server (SBS) working in Azure IaaS. Happily, I can announce that today I have achieved that goal as the above image shows hopefully demonstrates.

Why did I do this? Apart from the technical challenge I wanted to have a typical on premises SMB ‘legacy’ environment in Azure for testing, labs, training and migration scenarios. I am not planning to use it in production and STRONGLY recommend that SBS should no longer be run in production for many reasons anywhere, including on premises. I appreciate this is bordering on heresy for some, but I stand by the fact that you need to be off SBS. 

That said, I do appreciate that there are people out there running it and some may even be considering moving SBS onto the cloud. Although I would never recommend you do that in production I can tell you that it is 100% possible with Azure. This, to me, demonstrates the flexibility and power Azure provides as well as it’s ability to solve just about any IT challenge you throw at it.

So, if you wanna know how I did, just ask me.

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