Some suggested Office 365 Settings changes


I have just noticed there seems to be some additional settings in Office 365 for the user environment. If you select the COG in the top right of your Office 365 portal you will see the menu displayed above. What I didn’t previously remember was the Notifications and Language and time zone options that I now see.


You can now go into the Notifications area and disable those web based alerts, which I must admit I personally found detracted from my productivity when I was working in the browser.


At the bottom you’ll find an option to set your location and country formats.


Now that I have set this to Australia I’ll have to see whether it fixes a few places in Office 365 I’ve be struggling to change from the US date format (like in Planner). If it does, I’ll do a follow up article but for now, disabling is web based notifications is enough to calm my Chi.

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