Azure Backup Reports


One of the things that Azure Backup has been improving is the reporting it provides. A new addition is Backup Reports which you can now view in Power BI.

You’ll first need to go into your backup vault and select the option Backup Reports under the Monitoring and Reports section of that particular vault as shown above.


You’ll then need to select the Configure button.


You’ll then need to change the status to On, select an existing Storage account for the logs to accrue into and select the retention period.

Once you have done all this you’ll need to save your settings.

You’ll need to wait about 24 hours for data to start accumulating into the storage account so it can be read by Power BI.


After you have waited an appropriate period of time login to your Power BI console and select the option to Get Data. Then select the Services option.


In this list of content pack, locate the Azure Backup as shown above. Once you select this you’ll be prompted for the Azure Storage Account name into which you selected to send the backup reports. You’ll also be asked for the Storage Account Access key.


After a few moments, where your data is imported and configured, you should be able to a see a dashboard like that shown above. Remember, you’ll only see data from the point which you created the storage account to capture the logs.


You should also find that you have a Power BI report you can access with the tabs shown above for more detailed information.

You can now customised your reports and dashboards to display exactly the backup reporting information you wish to see. If you monitor multiple backups, for multiple different customers say, you can now construct a single location to view all of these thanks to Power BI.

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