I made my own bot!

After watching the following Microsoft Mechanics video:

and being inspired by the information coming from Microsoft Build 2017 I decided to create my own Office 365 Q and A bot which you can see below.


It is actually live on the Internet right now but I’m going to do more detailed post on how easily I brought all this together when I’ve refined it just a tad more. Once that happens I’ll let you know where you can go to give it a spin and let me know what you think.

Sure, the bot currently has limitations but remember this is just the starting point! I can tell you that it only took me about 30 minutes to get it up and running. I’m keen to see where I can take this concept of an automated bot to answer your Office 365 questions but based on the knowledge based I’ve accumulated over the years. I see a lot of potential here if I can just tweak a few things to make it easy to import the information I have on hand currently.

Hopefully, if I open it up publically it can learn from user inputs and become even better at understanding the question. Again, early days, but I see this sort of things have a lot of application in a lot of businesses. That’s why I’m playing with this now. The future is here.

More soon on the new Need to Know bot from CIAOPS designed to answer your Office 365 questions.

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