The power of uservoice

No software product is perfect. There are always features that can be added. There are always improvements that should be included. The problem has always been, how to make the developers aware of these? From the developers side, the problem has been, ok, we could add this feature but really, how many people will actually use it? Enter Uservoice.

Microsoft uses this system to allow for feedback and suggestions on their products, especially Office 365. You simply do a search for ‘uservoice’ and the product you are interested in, say ‘teams’. Thus, searching for ‘uservoice teams” will take you here:

Here you can view all the suggestions people have made about improving the product. You can also vote on which improvements you’d personally like to see. The more votes a specific feature gets the more resources Microsoft can devote to make it a reality.

Uservoice provides a really great for both users and vendors to understand what features and improvements are the most critical for a product.


Case in point. I recent wrote a post about some of the administration challenges around Microsoft Teams:

Compliance challenges of Microsoft Teams

but what I also did was go onto the Uservoice for Microsoft Teams and log a suggestion as you can see above. I then let others know and asked them to go and vote up this suggestion.

As you can see, that suggestion has been seen and responded to by Microsoft and we will hopefully see the ability to restore a deleted Microsoft Team very shortly. The system works!

Too many times I hear people complaining about products. I then ask them whether they have taken the time to let the supplier know. Most never do. So how’s the product ever going to improve if you don’t take the time to provide feedback? Thanks to Uservoice this is now really, really simple way to provide feedback for all Office 365 products.

I’d therefore encourage you to take a look at Uservoice for Office 365 products (just search for the Uservoice for each product) and vote up suggestions you’d like to see as well as make you own suggestions. You can help make a better product by providing feedback and as you can see, Microsoft is listening.

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