My apps

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m really not a big apps guy. I test a lot of apps but in reality few hold my attention or become part of my daily routine. These however do.

Podcast Addict – for all my podcasts. Easy to use, listen and update.

Google Authenticator – used to provide two factor authentication for access to Google accounts as well as for Lastpass password manager.

Android auto – connects to my daily drive to provide the ability to listen to podcasts (via Podcast Addict) as well as use Google Maps for navigation.

OneNote – is a must on every device I own. Syncs all my notes to every device. Allows me to not only truly have my information everywhere I am but also capture information quickly and easily.

Office Lens – available on all platforms. Allows capturing of information such as documents, whiteboards, etc to OneNote. I have written about the importance of this app previously:

A mobile device must have

Fitbit – for tracking my fitness stats. I am generally most interested in tracking my sleep progress but also aim to get 10,000 steps a day done.

Tripview – One of the few apps that I have happily paid for. I use this to let me know the Sydney train schedule to help me get around when I need to negotiate the ‘real world’.

Swarm – for reporting my location to Facebook and Twitter. Combined with Foursquare this allows me to keep track of where I have been, when. Also, by making my location publically available to others, I’m encouraging them to catch up with me when I’m local.

Audible – If I can’t read my Kindle then I can normally always listen. This app allows me to listen to my audio books where ever I am.

Amazon Kindle – If I don’t have access to my Kindle then I can still read my books. In my case that will most likely be on my iPad. I also use the Kindle app on the iPad when the ebook has a lot of images that sometime don’t display well or are too small for the Kindle device.

Of course I have all the social media apps, such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook on my devices.

I also have all the Microsoft/Office 365 apps. The ones I use the most are probably the SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer, although Word and Excel also get used regularly. Just about every Microsoft Office 365 service has an app that you should have on your mobile device.

I use the Microsoft Next Lock Screen on my Android device.

Like I said, there are plenty of other apps I use now and then on different platforms but the above ones I typically use across all platforms an/or use them everyday. That’s why they make this list.

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