I’ve got a new Office 365 App Launcher


As recently announced by Microsoft:

Introducing the new Office 365 app launcher

we’ll all be seeing a new style of App Launcher surface in our Office 365 tenants.

As you can see above, mine has already arrived thanks to being enabled for First Release.


What I really like about this new App Launcher is the ability to right mouse click on the tile and bring a configuration menu. One of the options is the ability to pin the icon to the nav bar which run across the the top of the Office 365 tenant.


This is a really handy way to quickly get to your most common services.

When you look at the new interface for Office 365, it is kind of a mirrored Windows 10 environment. When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense because you local services are at the bottom, while the cloud services are at the top of the screen. Not only that, it means you can use both navigation schemes with minimal overlapping. Smart. Great to see Microsoft thinking about the integrated usability of a users whole environment.


If you haven’t got the new App Launcher, don’t fret, you’ll see it soon.

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