Anonymise Office 365 report information


Office 365 has recently added a huge number of detailed reports you can access from the Office 365 Admin portal. You not only get graphical information over time but you also get detailed user information as you can see above from an email activity report.

However, let’s say that you want to see the trend of this information without the specific user details. That is, we want to see the information but we don’t want to see which individual user this applies to. Can we anonymise the reports?

With Office 365 you sure can. Here’s how.


Go to the Settings option in your Office 365 Admin console.

Select Services & add-ins from the menu that appears as shown above.


Scroll down the screen until you locate the Reports option and select that.


Turn On the option to anonymise the data at the top of the screen and then select Save.


You’ll see the message confirming this change and also letting you know that it may take a few minutes for the anonymised data to flow through to the admin reports.

Select Close to continue.


After a short while, if you again look at the details of the Office 365 reports you’ll see that users now appear as simply a random string. Now someone can view the reports without resorting to finger pointing!

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