Azure Site Recovery is cool!


I’ve been working on a new course for the CIAOPS Academy around all things Azure Backup.

Now because I’m not really an on-prem kinda guy any more, and also because I don’t have the physical equipment to do this, I never spent much time with Azure Site Recovery (ASR), which uses Hyper V replica technology. However, thanks to creating this course and including an ASR module I gotta say this Hyper V replica stuff is really cool!

The great thing with Hyper V replica is that you can do it directly between machine or via a cloud service such as Azure. Once you get the two locations replicated and synced you can do all sorts of fail overs. That allows you to easily spin up replacement machines in the backup location (such as Azure) as well as recover from these locations.

What really blew me away was how easy this was all to set up with Azure. Much, much easier than I thought. There is a three step wizard you follow through to get everything connected up. Then from there you have lots of disaster recovery (DR) and even migration options.

Thus, you can fail over a local Hyper V guest to Azure and then use that as a migration process to get that machine into the cloud. That is a really nifty way of moving whole VMs to Azure!

Now of course there is some leg work and understanding you need around Azure Site Recovery and Hyper V Replicas, but like I said, it is surprising at how easy it is to actually implement. I’d therefore suggest that if you are looking to provide DR services for businesses with local Hyper V guests or looking to migrate existing Hyper V guests to Azure VMs then you should take a look at Azure Site Recovery.

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