Azure AD Management comes to ARM

One of the missing pieces when it came to working with Azure in Office 365 was the ability to manage Azure Active Directory. Previously, this all had to be done via the older “classic” or Service Manager Portal, such as:

Configuring an Azure Single Sign On portal

Microsoft has just announced the preview of Azure Active Directory in the new Resource manager portal. You can read more about the announcement here:

The AzureAD admin experience in new Azure portal is now in public preview

Take a look at the above video to get a feel on what the new management experience is all about.


You can find the new option area in the new Portal by searching the services for “azure” as shown above and then selecting Azure Active Directory.


You should then see your Azure Active Directory as shown above.

You can do all the stuff you used to be able to do in the “classic” portal such as configure company branding.

Remember, that if you have Office 365 you also have Azure AD. All you need to do is enable it:

Enabling your Azure AD

and you’ll get access to these features for free.

It is really exciting to see Microsoft brining more and more features to the new Azure portal. Have a look for yourself today.

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