Office 365 Secure Score

One of the real differentiators that Office 365 provides I believe is security. A new initiative that Microsoft have announced is:

New security analytics service


You can try this out for yourself. Firstly, login to your Office 365 tenant as a global administrator. Then, in a new browser tab, navigate to:

You’ll be asked to provide Secure Score permissions to your tenant as you see above. Simply select Accept to continue.


Your tenant will then be assesses and rated as you can see above (in this case on a demo tenant).

This site not only gives you a security rating for your own tenant but it also provides you with an Action list which you can undertake to make your tenant more secure.



As you slide the bar in the middle of the page you see your security score increase. However, when you do this, you also see the Actions in the queue increase. Basically, to make your tenant more secure you have to take more actions. Obvious!


You can drill into an Action item to get more details and you see above.


If you select the Learn More button you get an informational card appear on the right with a Launch Now link to take you straight to the location to make the change.


The most interesting item on this page is over on the right, under the Compare your score as shown above.

What I find interesting is that this demo E5 tenant, more or less out of the box, is over 4 times more secure than the average! Not sure how this average is arrived at, and maybe it currently doesn’t include every tenant, but WOW do a lot of people have a lot of work to do to secure their tenant!

You’ll find plenty of other great information on this page as well as ability to view your score over time, so it is worth spending time to explore.

In short, this is great tool from Microsoft. It is simple to use and understand as well as making improving your Office 365 security dead easy! If you have Office 365 then I’d suggest you go and check out your security score. After visiting, I reckon you’d be pretty much at least double your score following the recommendations the site makes.

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