SharePoint Online Storage increased to 25TB!

This item was in a recent blog post from Microsoft:

New site collection limit

As more and more teams embrace the breadth of capabilities offered in SharePoint Online grows across team sites, Office 365 Video and portal sites, their content storage requirements are growing. To address this, we will increase the SharePoint Online site collection storage limit in the coming weeks from 1 TB to 25 TB. This increased limit will be immediately reflected in the official SharePoint Online boundaries and limits article.

which you’ll find here:

which also details the continued integration between Office 365 Groups and Team Sites.

This storage increase is BIG news for SharePoint Team Sites and is really great pro-active move by Microsoft as it places more and more focus on SharePoint and Groups in Office 365. It is clear (as well as in my experience) that more and more businesses are moving the the traditional on-premises data to SharePoint. To ease adoption and encourage people to use SharePoint more then the space for Team Sites must increase.

For a long time we were locked into a SharePoint Team Site storage capacity of 10GB. That jumped to 1TB about 6 months about and now we are going to soon see 25TB! All of that increase in space is provided free if you are an Office 365 customer. Again, the benefits of a cloud subscription model.

**** Correction Start ****

If you actually look at the SharePoint Online limits page (as I should have) you see this:


From –

So it appears that you don’t automatically get 25TB of storage you do however get the ability to scale a single Site Collection to 25TB which you couldn’t before.

That said, I can see the day in the not to distant future where certain plans will get 25TB storage starting storage. Clearly, you can’t offer that until the limits are raised as they have done now.

**** Correction End ****

I’m expecting even more ground breaking announcements around Office 365 and Azure very soon as the Microsoft Ignite conference approaches. But for now, if 1TB of Team Site storage felt a little limiting, now you have 25TG. Thanks Microsoft.

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