Project Madeira is upon us

Interesting announcement from Microsoft about a new cloud product aimed at small top medium businesses – Project Madeira.


According to Microsoft:

Project “Madeira” is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your business.

and you can get started here:

I haven’t seen much more than this yet. I have signed up using an Office 365 account and seen Project Madeira added to my tenant.


But look what that also gives me inside Power BI!


A content pack to connect to.

It looks like Project Madeira will do every thing from accounts to customer tracking. Seems to be be quite comprehensive.

Interesting eh? Looks like a pretty powerful package when you consider all this integration. The only question that is unanswered at this stage is how much is it likely to cost when it goes live?

I’ll report more once I have had a good play, but certainly more compelling services from Microsoft that integrates nicely into Office 365.

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