More admin control over software deployment in Office 365

Microsoft has added more control for administrators over what options are available to user via the Office 365 Portal.


Using the ‘classic’ Office 365 admin center interface you navigate open Service Settings from the menu on the left and then select User software from that list that appears below.


On the right you should then see all the options shown above.


Via the ‘new’ Office 365 Admin center select Settings (the COG) and then Services & add-ins from the menu that appears.


This should take you to the above page.


Scroll down through the list until you see Software download settings and select this (the items are arrange alphabetically).


This will open a new blade with the same settings as those in the ‘classic’ portal.


You’ll see that you can select which Office PC software users can install from the web portal.


You can also select which Office Mac software users can install from the web portal.

I would expect to see more options start appearing for administrators via the web portal, so make sure you check back regularly.

If administrators want to push out Office from Office 365 they will need to use the:

Office 2016 Deployment toolkit


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