I’m totally blown away with what’s coming with Skype for Business



If you have ANY interest in Office 365 and especially Skype you MUST watch the above keynote presentation from Microsoft. Only then are you going to get an idea of how huge Skype for Business is going to be in the very near future.

I then suggest you have a read of the following blog post:


Pay special attention to the section on Project Rigel.

After doing both of these things I defy you not be totally blown away with what Microsoft is doing with Office 365 and Skype for Business.


Here are some screen grabs of the single pane of glass Office 365 will bring to Skype for Business calls, over the Internet and the standard PSTN network.


You can drill into areas to measure load versus call quality, allowing you to optimise your performance.


You can also drill into any call and get information like that shown above as well as easily see the live stats (shown across the top of the page).


You can then drill into an individual user to get a dashboard of all their communications inside and outside the organisation as shown above.


And just to really blow your mind the above screen shows pretty much live transcriptions of Skype for Business meetings into a variety of foreign languages.

Believe me, take the time to watch the Microsoft keynote presentation. I guarantee it will blow your mind. It has also made me even more excited about what’s coming for Skype for Business and Office 365.

Roll on Office 365 Cloud PBX.


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