MVP for 2016

It is with a great deal of humility and pride that I can report that Microsoft has once again recognised my community contributions with its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 2016.

This is now my fifth consecutive award, which makes it extra special. This recognition is however not possible without the support of people who follow and support what I do, especially those that take the time to read this blog. To each and every one of you I say thanks.

I’ll be sure to continue to work hard to bring you information about Office 365 and Azure. However, all of that wouldn’t be possible without Microsoft making such great products and making them available to people like me. I look forward eagerly to what they’ll be bringing out in 2016. It is so exciting to be part of a revitalised Microsoft that is really firing on all cylinders with products like Azure, Office 365, Surface, Office, Windows 10 and so on. Very exciting indeed.

Being an MVP is great honour. Being part of a community of really smart and passionate technology people is truely inspiring and I hope to live up to their dedication and enthusiam. I congratulate all those who where also awarded the same MVP recognition today.

But again, I thank Microsoft for this honour and will work hard to live up top the expectations it sets in 2016.

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