CIAOPS SharePoint Level 1 course now available



Following on from my Getting Started With SharePoint course I am happy to announce that the follow-on course, SharePoint Level 1, is now available at the CIAOPS Academy.

SharePoint skills is the biggest thing I find that is holding most Office 365 users back. This is because SharePoint is all about collaboration rather than simple storage. That means it has far more features and functionality than people appreciate. Understanding what SharePoint is actually capable of helps people to utilise SharePoint better to solve their business challenges.

My courses are designed to show you what SharePoint can do via focused on-demand video tutorials, reinforced with download PDF lesson notes.

The new course is available on demand and contains 25 lessons:

1. SharePoint structure overview

2. Introduction to Email Alerts in SharePoint

3. Introduction to Document Approvals in SharePoint

4. Changing the Site Title, Logo and URL

5. Document Check In/Out

6. Connecting SharePoint to Access

7. Content types

8. Creating sub sites

9. Introduction to Lookup Columns

10. Advanced List Editing

11. Working with Document Library Versioning

12. Introduction to Views

13. Using Promoted Links

14. Create a SharePoint Document Library Template

15. Using a template to migrate a SharePoint Library

16. Creating and using Site Columns

17. Creating and Editing Site pages

18. Adding a Yammer feed to SharePoint

19. Displaying Linked Lists

20. Getting Started with InfoPath

21. Saving a SharePoint Online Site as a Template

22. Creating a new Site Collection

23. Using a Site Template with a new Site Collection

24. Deleting a SharePoint Online Site Collection

25. Getting Started with SharePoint Designer

It is designed follow on from the Getting Started course and add to your SharePoint knowledge and help you make better use of SharePoint in your business. This course will help you become more of a SharePoint Power User.

The course is available stand alone or now combined into a SharePoint Quickstart package that also includes the original Getting Started course.

I have already commenced work on next SharePoint course which will take up where this Level 1 course finishes, so stay tuned.

You can find all my online courses at

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