Change SharePoint Online Team site logo

One of the challenges with SharePoint Online is around user engagement. A step towards solving this can be the branding of Teams Sites from the default. There are number of simple branding elements that can be configured via a browser, this first of these is to change the site logo.


The site logo is located in the top left of a Team Site, just below the Browse link as shown above. To change the site logo you’ll need to have appropriate permissions.


The first step in the process is to select the Cog icon in the top right of the page. From the menu that appears select Site Settings.



On the Site Settings page, in the top right, under the Look and Feel heading, select Title, description and logo.


On the Title, Description, and Logo page scroll down to the bottom to locate the Logo and Description section.


Here you can see that you can add a logo from either your computer or SharePoint. Select the From Computer link to upload a new image from your desktop.


You can now select the Choose file button and navigate to the location of the file you wish to use as the new logo.

By default, uploaded logo images will be saved into a hidden Document Library on the the Team Site called Site Assests. If you select the Choose Folder button you can alter this location.


Selecting the Choose Folder button will open a new windows allowing you to navigate the folder structure of the Site Assets Document Library. You will note that you can only navigate the Site Assets folder and below, you can’t navigate to anywhere else in the SharePoint Online Team Site.

In most cases the default location of the root of the Site Assets Document Library is suitable as a location for uploaded logos, so accept this and complete the process by selecting the OK button.


You should now see you logo displayed as shown above, you will also see the path in SharePoint Online where this file will be saved.

You can also enter a description of the logo. This description is visible when you mouse over the logo or when the images doesn’t display. It is always best practice to ensure that you enter some text here.

When you have finished making any changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the OK button to apply these changes to your Team Site.


If you return to the home page of your Team Site you should now see the new logo displayed as shown above.


If instead of uploading the image from yoru desktop you wish to select an image already saved in SharePoint Online you select the From Sharepoint link from the change logo region detailed above. When you do so, you’ll see a dialog appear like that shown above.

Depending on the permissions you have with the SharePoint Site Collection (i.e. all the Teams Sites under this URL), you can navigate to and select an image from anywhere in that Site Collection.

For example, you may have created a sub-site in which you want to change the logo. However, you may wish to store all the images in the parent location. All you need to do to use this parent location is navigate to it using the dialog shown above.

It is generally best practice to have the copy of the logo you wish to use in the same Team Site as it will appear. If you wish to use a logo from other locations in the Site Collection you’ll need to ensure that users have at least read rights to that location so they can view the logo when the site renders. If they haven’t got rights, then the logo will not display.

You typically use the From SharePoint option for the logo when the logo already exists in SharePoint Online. This ensure that there is only a single point of truth for that image, which is handy if it ever needs to be changed or updated.

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