CIAOPS Configuring Office 365 Federated Identity online course


I’ve just made available my next online course – Configuring Office 365 Identity which you can view here:

It is aimed at teaching you the basics of configuring ADFS and Single Sign On with Office 365.

The course contains 6 lessons:

  1. Understanding Office 365 Federated Identity
  2. Preparing the environment for Office 365 Federated Identity
  3. Setting up the Federated ADFS Server
  4. Converting to an Office 365 Federated Domain
  5. Setting up a Federated ADFS Proxy Server
  6. Troubleshooting Office 365 Federation Configurations

with each lesson containing a video, downloadable lesson notes and some external resources.

You can sign up for this or any of the other courses I have published via the new URL:

This course has also been included in the Getting Started with Office 365 Administration course that now covers 9 areas and aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to managing all aspects of Office 365.

I appreciate those who have supported me by already signing up for my online courses. The more support I get, the more courses I can develop.

if you have any suggestions or ideas for online courses that you’d like to see me do please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.


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