CIAOPS Getting Started with Office 365 Administration online course


You may have seen on my Twitter feed all the new online courses I have been posting up. You can of course take these courses individually but I have now combined them all into a single course;

Getting Started with Office 365 Administration

The course includes the following material:

1. Configuring Office 365, licensing and creating users

  • 1.1 Create a trial Office 365 tenant via the web
  • 1.2. Create Office 365 tenant via Volume Licensing
  • 1.3. Set Partner of Record
  • 1.4. Managing licensing, subscriptions and domains
  • 1.5. Adding cloud users
  • 1.6. Office 365 administration roles
  • 1.7. Company profile and theming
  • 1.8. Managing Office 365 Service Settings

2. Configuring users for email on the web and via Outlook

  • 2.1. Using Outlook on the Web
  • 2.2. Using Outlook on the desktop
  • 2.3. Shared mailboxes
  • 2.4. Configuring mailbox options
  • 2.5. Office 365 groups

3. Configuring shared Document access via office 365 Team Sites

  • 3.1. Accessing SharePoint Online
  • 3.2. Uploading Documents to Team Sites
  • 3.3. Adding apps to Team Sites
  • 3.4. Creating sub-sites in Team Sites
  • 3.5. Administrating SharePoint Online

4. Working with private documents using OneDrive for Business

  • 4.1 The difference between OneDrive and Team
  • 4.2 Uploading documents to OneDrive for Business
  • 4.3 Synchronising Office 365 files to the desktop
  • 4.4 Sharing Office 365 documents
  • 4.5 Using the SharePoint Recycle Bin

5. Collaborating using Delve, Yammer and SharePoint

  • 5.1. Using Delve
  • 5.2. Enabling Enterprise Yammer
  • 5.3. Using Enterprise Yammer
  • 5.4. Using Office 365 video
  • 5.5. Editing office 365 User Profiles

6.  Integrating Skype for Business for all users in Office 365

  • 6.1. Install Skype for Business client
  • 6.2. Enabling external Skype for Business communications
  • 6.3. Adding contacts in Skype for Business
  • 6.4. Scheduling online meetings using Skype for Business
  • 6.5. Conducting Online meetings using Skype for Business

7. Configuring and managing synchronised Office 365 users

  • 7.1. Understanding Office 365 identity management
  • 7.2. Installing Azure AD connect
  • 7.3. Syncing local AD user to Office 365
  • 7.4. Managing users with synchronised identities
  • 7.5. Troubleshooting synchronised users

8. Office 365 PowerShell

  • 8.1. Configuring Office 365 PowerShell access
  • 8.2. Managing users with PowerShell
  • 8.3. Managing mailboxes with PowerShell
  • 8.4. Managing SharePoint with PowerShell
  • 8.5. Managing Skype for Business with PowerShell

With more lessons coming soon.

Each lesson includes a short video tutorial as well as downloadable lesson notes. Each lesson also includes a number for questions to test your knowledge and understanding on the topic.

To celebrate the launch of this new course I have a number of discount coupon codes that will provide a discount of 10% off the normal price of this complete course. I only have a limited number of these coupons so please contact me via email ( to receive yours. I expect these coupons to go fast so if you are reading this after November 2015, I’d suggest there won’t be any left. So hurry.

Going forward I’m planning migrate much of my published content into these online courses. You can check out what is there via:

CIAOPS Academy

Where you will find each individual course plus aggregated courses like Getting Started with Office 365 Administration.

Keep you eyes peeled for more courses launching soon.

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