Office 365 Nation just got bigger

5Min Fri (Ep 34): 2015 Fall Conference with O365 Nation from Office 365 Partner Team on Vimeo.

Congratulation to Harry Brelsford for now bringing Microsoft in a big way to the Office 365 Nation conference in October. Big news! Watch the above video to get all the details.

If you are an SMB Partner then you really should be planning to attend this focused business and technical conference right on the Microsoft campus in Redmond.

As I outlined in an earlier post:

Are you going to Office 365 Nation

I will be presenting a number of sessions but see the real value in the hall way networking that takes place. Now with Microsoft being directly involved and having people from the product team also there, I’ve even more excited to attend and so should you be.

You can still register at:

as well as see all the details about the conference. If you are planning on attending then let me know as I’d love to catch up with people.

See you there.

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