Watch out GotoMeeting

I do a lot of webinars. I also use Skype for Business a lot. Why do I use two tools? Typically, I use GotoWebinar to host public webinars. Why? It is generally set up to handle one to many presentations. Skype for Business has typically worked best for one to one or one to a few meetings.

You can of course use Skype for Business for general webinars but it wasn’t quite a polished a tool for that job as GotoWebinar. However, it you look at what Microsoft has just announced with the new Skype for Business preview it looks like I’ll only need one tool going forward.

One of the new features available world wide is the Meeting Broadcast option which does much of what GotoMeeting does and more! What excites me about the new Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast is the ability to have direct integration with Yammer. so people can be watching and contributing. Another impressive feature is the DVR ability. That means that individual viewers can pause, rewind, etc the presentation at any point in time independent of what other viewers are doing.

There are so many really cool features of this new preview that I’d encourage you to watch the video and sign up at:

Hopefully my tenant get this enabled soon and I can document how it all works. In the meantime watch the video and I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

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