Office 365 Settings gets a refresh


If users nos select the cog in the top right of their Office 365 web portal and then the Office 365 settings option, they will see things have changed.


The new Office 365 settings page is now very different from what it used to as you can see from the above.


It is beginning to look at lot like the Delve profile.


If you select the Edit Profile link the top right of the page you’ll be taken to the above screen with a series of entries.


If you are an Office 365 Global administrator you can edit these.


If you don’t have the rights you won;t be able to change this information as it comes from the Active users area in Office 365 admin center.

I think the interface changes look good. I would also suggest that these are point towards the trend of Delve becoming more important to the overall scheme of Office 365. I’d suggest that you stay posted for further changes like this soon!

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