Skype for Business conference bridge

I’ve been doing a lot of webinars lately and one of the features of many dedicated conferencing packages like GotoWebinar is the ability for attendees to dial in using a normal phone line. many don’t realise that this option is also available in Skype for Business.


If you login to your Office 365 admin portal and then select the Skype for Business service you should see taken to the Skype for Business admin center. From the menu on the left you should see the option for dial-in conferencing, select this to see the above screen.


If you then select dial-in users from across the top you will see a list of users who have been enabled for Skype for Business.

Here you can see I already have one user who is configured for dial in conferencing. To modify a user just select them and then the pen (edit) link that appears to the right.


You should then see a screen like that shown above where you can edit the dial in details for that user.


When you pull down the options for Provider name you will see the above list who are supported with Office 365.

Now here’s where I started to get lost. What do I need to do? How to sign up for the right service? Can I get this to even work here in Australia? Luckily, I knew just the man to call – Greg Plum from whom I met last year at Office 365 Nation.

Although Greg is based in the US he was able to set me up with Intercall who have local (Australian) dial in numbers. If you want all your users to have dial in facilities for their Skype for Business you’ll need to get separate details for each user. Overall the cost is pretty cheap to provide this facility and Greg got me hooked up quick and easy.


So once you have the dial in details entered for that user when they create a new Skype for Business meeting those call details will appear in the invite as shown above. This then allows people to attend either using their desktop or their phone.

Once again, I will call out Greg Plum from no matter where in world you are located to get the dial in bridge set up for you. As I said, even here in Australia Greg could get the feature up and running and I doubt few other Office 365 resellers here in little ol’ Australia have that ability. That gives me a huge point of differentiation when it comes to my local market and gives me a real competitive advantage when speaking to customers.

So if you want to set up dial in conferencing with Skype for Business in Office 365 it is pretty straight forward and I strongly recommend you contact Greg Plum from to help. Tell him I sent you!

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