The security issue

This to me is why we have such a major problem trying to secure our technology.

As usual I was looking through the major new sites and saw this:


Now, my first impression is that this is something serious affecting only Microsoft Windows and Microsoft isn’t fixing it! Gulp.


So you get paragraph in and you find out that the vulnerability affects basically anything running iOS, Android or Windows. So it isn’t really just a Microsoft vulnerability now is it? Especially when you use the word ‘ubiquitous’ now is it?


Read a bit further and it says that security experts say it isn’t a ‘terribly big issue’ as you see above.

So we have, in my opinion, gone from a sensationalist headline where the world is about to end due to a cyber security threat to something that really ‘isn’t a big issue’.

Seems to me that this article is simply ‘click-bait’ and does not really take a responsible approach to cyber security. I agree that it is in the mainstream media but that is my point, this story is going to read by lots of plain technology users and to me it doesn’t convey the right message. It is either going to freak them out that they are insecure or lull them into a false sense of security because of the ‘crying wolf’ aspect of the reporting.

Again, this is simply my opinion and you can read the whole article at:

and judge for yourself. I understand that mainstream media is a corporate entity that needs to focus on profit but our dependence on technology and how it is secured is so critical to our society these days that there must be a better way of getting the right message out to the right people to make them safe.

What do you think?

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