Australian Office 365 tenant relocation information

As you hopefully already know, Microsoft has announced a raft of new datacenters for Office 365. One of the most exciting for users down under is the opening of Office 365 datacenters in Australia and the relocation of Australian Office 365 tenants from their current location in Singapore to Australia starting at the end of March 2015.

If you want all the latest information about this visit:

New datacenter regions for Office 365

Where you’ll find information about how the move will take place, what impact there will be, what you have to do (if anything) and the expected communications that will come from Microsoft. There is also a specific Australian FAQ that locals should look at.

If you are interesting in having your Office 365 tenant moved early as part of a beta test that will allow Microsoft to test the process you can register your interest here:

Registration for Office 365 Customer Data Move Beta program for Office 365 customers

Microsoft will select tenants to relocate depending on certain factors that will allow them to test their processes, so you may not get selected and it is not on a first come first basis. I have applied, so fingers crossed that I’ll be one of the first to experience the differences and can report back here.

So check out the information Microsoft has provided and check back regularly as it is being updated daily. If you have any questions about the upcoming migration to Australian data centers, start there.

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