Delve for the desktop?

Here’s an idea. What about Delve for the desktop to replace the current OneDrive for Business sync tool?

Delve uses the Officegraph technology to analyse ‘signals’ from your Office 365 interactions. Things such as browsing SharePoint sites, viewing documents, editing documents, sending documents, sending emails, etc are all combined and surfaced via the Delve tab in Office 365 in a layout much like Flipboard. The most popular items are displayed at the top of your Delve feed.

However, what if the Delve and Officegraph technology was used to determined what should be synced to your desktop automatically? I reckon that the stuff you work on most regularly, which will appear in Delve, is typically going to be the stuff you want to sync to your desktop. Wouldn’t be nice if that information could automatically be synced for you?

Imagine a world where you don’t continually need to either select what you want to sync or sync everything ‘just in case’. Imagine a world where the algorithm automatically looks at your interactions with files and people determining what should be synced to your desktop. Then, as you interact with things less they stop being synced to be replaced by more current items.

What about some sort of slider that you could set to determine the level of currency to sync? If you slide it to the left only the most current information is synced, while if you slide it to the left stuff that maybe less relevant is also synced. However, the bottom line is that Delve watches what you do and only syncs the stuff you use.

What do you reckon? Am I onto something here? Love to hear what you think and maybe what else could be included in a Delve desktop client.

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