Basic Yammer Administration via Office 365

A while back posted some information up about getting Yammer via Office 365 working.

Enable Yammer integration in Office 365

A couple of Yammer gotchas

Yammer integration in Office 365


Once you have the integration in place and an admin user for Yammer, when you login to Yammer should be able to access the Yammer Success Center as seen above.


If for some reason you do not see the Yammer Success Center look to the bottom left of the page. Under Networks you should see Admin if you are a Yammer administrator.


When you select Admin you should see the above menu displayed. From this menu select Success Center.


You will notice that is quite different from the free version of Yammer. This is Yammer Enterprise, thanks to your Office 365 subscription.


You can work down the checklist in the middle of the page or the list of items in the top left.

I’ll spend more time in upcoming posts diving a bit deeper into these but for now ensure you can get to the Yammer Success Center and have a look around at the different options that are available to you as a Yammer Administrator.

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